With an  area of just 9.9 m2 , Red Container, designed by Tono Mirai Architects in Japan,  can be moved easily by a 4 feet truck using an iron pipe under the steel base. The architect aimed to promote the use of Larch wood with this project, since it has not been a popular building material because of its tendency to warp, an issue that can now be resolved  with the use of technology. Red Container uses logs, pillars and beams of structural materials, floors, walls, eases , furniture etc. all made from red larch. 

Red Container has a twisted roof with wooden interiors, carved by a carpenter who has the knowledge of the local traditional construction  method. The architect has used blue larch for the flooring and a clay wall from Kita-Aiki Village, Nagano Prefecture was used to add an accent to the interior. 

Lighting and air conditioning are provided, and it can be made to order for various purposes such as in stores or, of course, as a tiny house. The beautiful red color of the larch stays in contrast to the green undulating topography of its site against the blue skies. See more projects by Tono Mirai online.
Project Images