Curved gjG House By BLAF Architects

The project is a part of their research, ‘Brick Wall City’, addressing the precise relationship between material, construction and the appearance of brick architecture.  

The gjG House seems to be nestled in a forest-like residential environment, while it is actually situated on a plot that used to be a 19th century mansion,  right next to a highway in Ghent. Instead of cutting the trees  on the plot, the house was shaped to fit in between them. The shell-like shape of the house allows it to be structurally autonomous.  The stability of the outer brick wall is not depending on cross walls, columns or beams but merely on its form and the brick bonding. Recycled bricks were  used in the making of the  massive shell of the house contributed to the acoustic comfort on this inside. 

Curved gjG House By BLAF Architects
Curved gjG House BLAF Architects Recycled Bricks

The shell creates a generic and timeless aesthetic that beautifully blends into the surrounding nature. It also supports the roof, together they form a ‘bell’, with a receptacle interior space. The infill of the bell is the house, made with steel and timber frame constructions, making three stories in one area and one open space in another area. The inside of the shell is finished with the same re-used bricks, creating the idea of an exterior space between the trees.  

gjG House is one of the projects by BLAF Architecten, where they explore the re-use of bricks and the shape of the shell in the function of its autonomy. After noticing that gluing on bricks to the building facade, to act as an ‘exterior wallpaper’, causes huge amounts of non-reusable waste, BLAF has explored into hybrid construction and development of the new ‘Big Brick’. to Check out more project by BLAF Architecten
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