14 JULY 2020

Switching over to better

Sekina, a Hungarian design brand, introduces sleek, elegant concrete switches, that just might be the answer for all those who hate drab, plastic switches.

Images © Sekhina

Designers are constantly trying to change the world, with better designs in every field. What inspires the designer might be something rather insignificant for the laymen, like a piece of crumpled paper or a piece of plastic on the wall.
Hungarian design brand Sekhina has created a series of concrete light switches and plug sockets, a rather beautiful alternative to the plastic ones that has been around for too long. Inspiration struck founder Gábor Kasza, during  the search for a similar product in the industry, wasn’t something available in the market.


Plastic is unfortunately a convenient option to consider when it comes to designing half of the things in the world. Decades of convenience has to led global warming. waters rising and other serious environmental issues. Not to mention, in case of sockets and switches, plastic could easily turn these to the tackiest thing in your house. Think about the sleek concrete switches on your walls, simplicity could not be more elegant.
“A piece of plastic on the wall can be bizarre, sometimes quite terrible,” Gábor Kasza, founder of Sekhina explains, “Interior designers very often try to hide switches and sockets as they blunt the general aesthetics of their work, but they’re functional useful objects.”
 “How many times a day do you touch light switches? Physical contact with objects has physical affects on our body and consequently to our soul. If you feel it is better to wear a natural silk scarf than a nylon one, prefer to use glass in contrast to a plastic cup and you can feel the difference between the perfume off flowers compared to a cheap toilet fragrance, then surely you will appreciate our products. If we have to search for a long time to find them and posture freaky poses to use them – that’s not too comfortable. The answer is concrete.


Working with a material like concrete,definitely has its own perks. Individuality is an added bonus. As a result of the moulding process,  the surface bubbles and blots make up distinct, unique object with an individual character and personality. If you look closely at out polished Mini Terrazzo surfaces, a lively, colorful and abstract world opens up. We hate monotony. There is not one piece the same as another.


The handmade manufacturing way has many advantageous, Easy to create almost anything that the customer wishes for, even in small batches. We can make any varieties, use many colors. This process allows us to tailor the perfect combination to your interior.

Video Credit: Daniel Vegel


We work with the finest, purest materials to use high performance concrete. We infuse all items with an eco-friendly water-repellent agent that is invisible on the surface. Stains and grease if any kind are easy to clean from the switch or socket.


We know that plastic materials of switches and sockets make up a very low percentage of global plastic pollution, but we all think that all of the tiny steps to create a more sustainable and remarkable future.
Sekhina’s new line uses only 25% of cement at most and  use especially developed concrete recipe that is free of synthetic resin and contaminants, reducing the use of toxic substances significantly. Compared to plastic, these products truly represent a more sustainable choice.
“To completely neutralize our carbon footprint, we will be planting tree sin cooperation with an environmental organization and get advice from environment- protection specialists before stating mass production to ensure that our impact on the environment can be completely neutralized.”

 You can check out their website and switch to these sleek products at Sekhina