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Benchmark was founded in 1984 by Sean Sutcliffe and Terence Conran,  over a shared interest in making wood, design and sustainability . They consider making a positive contribution to human health and environment as their Their workshop started with just three people and has grown into a 70-people skilled team with workshops in Berkshire and Dorset.  Benchmark designs non-toxic  furniture with natural materials, colors and textures, soft profiles and nature-inspired ergonomic shapes, to create spaces that are more human, welcoming and personal. Their selection of natural materials ensures that the products  are reusable , recyclable or biodegradable .

Benchmark’s products reflect the energy and care given to each piece, something that cannot be replicated by mass manufacture. From selecting the best raw materials to the final installation, each product is given the utmost attention to detail, with workshops for milling, cabinet making, veneering, finishing, metal working and upholstery as well as 5-axis CNC machining. Every product is thoughtfully designed to last a lifetime. 

Unlike many other furniture brands, Benchmark does not use plastic foam for their upholstery.  They have developed upholstery in collaboration with the Naturalmat Company, which used natural, sustainable and biodegradable  materials -coir, latex, and sheep’s wool. These are better choices for our health as well as beneficial in overcoming the significant environmental concerns surrounding the disposal of plastic foam in landfill.
Benchmark has designed for prestigious institutions like Westminster Abbey, Oxbridge colleges, several museums and public buildings around the world. They have also chosen to invest in Life Cycle Analysis of their products to ensure low environmental impact of their furniture.  They also have Red List Free (meaning, it contains no harmful toxic chemicals and meets the standards for WELL certified buildings) and Declare labeling-an internationally recognized ingredients list for products that shows where it comes from, what is it made of and where it goes at the end of its life. Benchmark also offers a ‘Take Back’ scheme where furniture can be returned to them when it is no longer needed. It will be refurbished, repurposed  or donated to charitable enterprises.
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