Repurposed NBA Jerseys By Looptworks

Portland, Oregon based Looptworks up-cycles the used and done NBA Jerseys into up-cycled merch that sell out in a jiffy

Looptworks sustainable up-cycled jerseys

All images © Looptworks

Ever wondered what happens to the jerseys of all our favorite NBA players go to, once they are done with it? Getting rid of it seems like a not-so eco-friendly thing to do. So what would the best possible action be? Enter Looptworks, that up-cycles the used and done NBA Jerseys into up-cycled merch that sell out in a jiffy. Looptworks ia Portland, Oregon based company, founded by Scott Hamlin, a former Adidas executive, and is now running one of the top companies in the world that take the discarded fabric and turns them into sustainable items. 

Looptworks sustainable up-cycled jerseys

Looptworks save all the materials for their repurposing products, from ending up in landfill. They intercept and utilize these materials, transforming them into upcycling products that sell out overnight. Their products are sustainable, eco-friendly and are limited editions. With their initiative, they reduce the carbon emissions and save natural resources. “To us though, upcycling  is just the starting point. Our long term goal is to work towards closed-loop (Loopt) solutions in manufacturing, hence our name: ‘looped works’.” says the team.

Looptworks sustainable up-cycled jerseys

Their process start with the Rescue the high quality materials that are left over from premium good manufacturers. The Design stage turns it into something beautiful for everyday use.  All the products are crafted in factories that employ fair labor practices, thus helping Transform the work-space practices. The term ‘upcycling‘ brings of the mind of many people the idea of low-quality, easily damaged items, but brands like Looptworks are working hard to change this notion with premium quality up-cycled products. Looptworks Elevate the standards, with each product being hand-numbered and sealed with their Loopt4life guarantee.

Looptworks sustainable up-cycled jerseys

The NBA has partnered with Looptworks to re-imagine all those excess jerseys, as products that can be used everyday. This is the ultimate fan-gear, with every product coming from retired, authentic jerseys. Even in a scenario where the player retires or get traded, all those excess jerseys are transformed into Looptworks products.

Check out their collection online at Looptworks.