26 JULY 2020

RecoverBrands: From Recycled Plastic and Upcycled Cotton

Recover, a North Carolina based company, with a mission to create the most environmentally-friendly products is making a big imapct.

RecoverBrands Recycled Plastic Upcycled Cotton

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For the outdoorsy, sporty people who care about sustainability and doing something good for the world, Recover, a  brand based in North Carolina,  with a mission to create the most environmental-friendly products, is definitely the answer.
Founded in 2010, by Bill Johnston and John Riddle, as a sustainable apparel company with hopes of reducing plastic pollution around us, Recover has diverted 7.8 million(and counting) plastic bottles from the landfill, saved 292 million kilowatts of energy, saved 11.8 million pounds of carbon emissions ans saved 2 billions gallons of water. 
Co-founder, Bill Johnson graduated in 2008, during an economic crisis. Being very interested in the concept of sustainability, Bill who was working as an outdoor guide taking students on backpacking and mountaineering, begins to consider sustainability for the outdoors. After coincidentally reconnecting with a family-friend, John Riddle, both realize the possibilities of making apparel out of recycled plastics and upcycled cotton. That is how Recover Brands was founded, and till day, they’ve been rescuing and recycling  quite a large amount of plastics and cotton from ending up in landmines, and putting them to better use.
RecoverBrands Recycled Plastic Upcycled Cotton


Used plastic bottles are collected, labels and caps are removed, getting them ready for the next stage. Cotton from discarded industry scraps, are sorted by color and blended with polyester. The reclaimed fiber is then spun into yarn and knit into fabric, which is later designed into the wide variety of  garments and accessories RecoverBrands offers. 

RecoverBrands Recycled Plastic Upcycled Cotton


In addition to their initiatives, Recover works with and supports communities and artists. Recover partners with co-op in Haiti, creating sustainable jobs and living wages for hundreds of workers. Recover’s facility in Guatemala is powered by biomass from local forestry and coffee industry waste, which makes the brand sustainable in more ways than just materials.

RecoverBrands Recycled Plastic Upcycled Cotton

“In starting Recover with John, there were no reservations.’ says Bill Johnston, President and Co-Founder, ” It was more of a ‘We’re running with this, and using 100% recycled apparel as a vehicle to do good and drive much-needed positive change in something we deeply care about the natural environment.”

RecoverBrands Recycled Plastic Upcycled Cotton