Exterior-Tree House by Peter Pichler Architecture

Located in the  rugged, wild landscape of West Virginia, the Tree Houses is conceived as a ‘slow down” form of tourism. Surrounded by maples, polar and oak trees, the single units blend in beautifully with the nature. The size of the units ranges from 36-55 m2 on 2 levels. The lower level is a small reading / lounge area, and the upper level the sleeping area with a small bathroom. The two levels are connected with a small internal stair. 

Exterior-Tree House by Peter Pichler Architecture

The project is set to be built near Dawson Lake, a stunning example of West Virginia’s “Wild and Wonderful” landscape, featuring a spring-fed 40-acre lake, restored meadows, streams and wetlands, and over 100 acres of perpetual land easements that form a protected habitat for native species. 

Interior-Tree House by Peter Pichler Architecture

Dawson Lake will become a “living laboratory” for regenerative approaches to building design, agriculture and land-use that reach beyond minimizing environmental impacts to actually improving the ecosystem’s health and resilience. The project aim is to reshape the prospect for sustainable future.

Bird's Eye View-Tree House by Peter Pichler Architecture
The project will encompass sustainable buildings, conference and event center, a food and agriculture hub, health and wellness proposals, sustainable education workshops and a vast visual and performing arts programming.
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