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As the name suggests, The Hive Project, uses the hexagonal cells of bees to create a radically new living environment of the future. The design team calls it: ”The HIVE Project” – Human-Inclusive & Versatile Ecosystem. HIVE combines the properties of the honeycomb with the shape of the archetypal house and creates a new hybrid type of living space able to merge nature’s efficiency with the ingenuity of humans.
“The notion of home extends beyond human beings to include animals, trees, the wind and  rain. Humans have as much of a privileged status in it as the rest of the natural world. Our  ambition is to introduce a “new ecology of place” where our presence does not damage  the ecosystem but enriches, supports and vastly benefits from its regeneration. Just like the world, ‘A beehive depends upon diversity of population for expanding and flourishing’.” The design team intends to promote diversity and inclusion as the key aspects with “The HIVE Project’’.  Due to the great degree of flexibility given by the hexagonal module, each inhabitant will  have the possibility to customize their home in multiple ways and at different stages of  life. This includes the interior finishing, accessibility and the outdoor amenities of the  house. A great variety of “HIVE Windows’’ can be chosen and personalized with  different materials, colors and add-ons. The modular feature of the prefabricated timber frame structure allows the  development to be scale-able and cost-effective, the customizable features of the exteriors  create an architecture with an ever-different look. This enables the design to adapt to the personalities,  needs, lifestyle preferences of its residents to flourish through diversity, distinction,  inclusiveness.
Gianluca Santosuosso Design
The HIVE  Project focuses on social cohesion and nature regeneration as key criteria, to adapt to the new challenges that our society will face in the next decades. This Socio-Eco-System includes a wide range of components from residential modular  estates (categorized by size), shared services buildings, energy and food-production  facilities, shared e-vehicle premises, urban connectivity components and wild nature  habitats. The team intends to provide the HIVE with a wide spectrum of co-owned and shared  facilities that will empower individuals, families and communities to be self-sufficient  while allowing local authorities and administration to limit the need for public investments.
The project has roof-installed PV systems supported by onsite renewables provide electricity to dwellings,  public areas and shared e-vehicle charging stations.  Heating, cooling and hot water systems rely on geothermal closed loop piles and heat  pumps for temperature and indoor comfort control.
Gianluca Santosuosso Design


Gianluca Santosuosso (Gianluca Santosuosso Design – Architecture) 
Eri Pontikopoulou (EPDS – Architecture) 
Roman Pomazan (Urban Sustain Architects – Urban Planning) 
Shrikant Sharma and Becky Hayward (Buro Happold – Analytics) 
Davide Frati (Sustainability Consultant) 
Loris a. di Benedetto (Architecture) 
Richard Holmes (Community Development Consultant) 
Sergiy Kovalenko (Hempire Ltd – Hemp Construction Consultant) 
Marco Crippa (Marlegno s.r.l. – Prefabricated Timber structures Consultant) 

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