06 MAY 2021
GoSun Solar-Powered Travel Coffee Mug
GoSun has introduced solar-powered travel coffee mug, with integrated electronics to brew your coffee on the go. 
GoSun Brew- Solar Coffee Mug

Images © GoSun

Featuring a 130W Heater and integrated French Press, the 16oz travel coffee mug  makes tea or coffee anywhere. The coffee mug can be powered using a portable solar powerbank. The product comes in a easy to carry EVA case that also houses all the cables and accessories. The three pound Powerbank gives the ability to charge wirelessly, or with USB-C PD, adjustable DC port from 12-24V, and a 15A carport. Use the 266 watt hours of energy for laptops, phones, cameras, and even GoSun’s fridge or oven.
GoSun Brew- Solar Coffee Mug
GoSun  utilizes the best in clean tech to improve the outdoor experiences.  GoSun Brew makes coffee easy, deploying 100 year old French Press tech with an integrated heater. Brew fresh coffee in as little as 15 minutes. The user just has to add water, plug in Brew to the portable power and wait for the auto shut-off with LED indicator before adding coffee grounds. The mug can be then closed using the lid and french press. The lid is leak-proof, designed for the people on the move. GoBrew offers a safer alternative to using gas stoves in the outdoors. 
GoSun Brew can also be used to several other food items, including oatmeal, hot chocolate, sauces or to simply pasteurize water. The GoSun Power is capable of delivering speedy charges to multiple devices at once: 1) a Qi wireless charger for phones, earpods and wearables 2) two USB-C ports with incredible functionality 3) an adjustable DC port from 12 to 24 volts for laptops and electronics 4) a flashlight 5) a standard USB port 6) a high amperage (15A) 12V cigarette port. 
GoSun Brew- Solar Coffee Mug
GoSun Power is lighter, quieter, simpler, and maintenance-free. It’s easy to use – no moving parts, no inefficient inverter, no liquid fuels, no complications.
Find more about GoSun Power’s Kickstarter.
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