13 APRIL 2021
Conceptual Furniture Series Envisioning A Post-Anthropocentric World 
Three designers envision a post-anthropocentric world reacting on the covid-19 crisis and climate change era they live through.
Futuristic Conceptual Furniture Series

Images © Anthony Authié, Merle Flügge, and Job Mouwen 

Following text provided by the design team*

Anthony Authié of Parisian architecture studio Zyva and Merle Flügge and Job Mouwen of Dutch-German design studio Supertoys Supertoys envisioned a post-anthropocentric world reacting on the covid-19 crisis and climate change era they live through. Their collaboration involved the creation of a new conceptual furniture series “Arctic Monkeys Artefacts 4020” staged in a snowy world of a fantasized extraterrestrials’ archaeological site somewhere on our uninhabitable earth in the year 4020.
Futuristic Conceptual Furniture Series
The furniture pieces can be seen as diagnostic artefacts indicative of a cultural group with a radical philosophy formed in the age of postmodern-animism, an era just after the covid-19 crisis where objects became subjects. Where all relations, including those between nonhumans, exist on an equal footing with one another.
Futuristic Conceptual Furniture Series
Futuristic Conceptual Furniture Series
Although in their speculative narrative humans become the “non-habitants” of planet earth, Anthony, Merle and Job leave a hopeful clue in their collaborative work. The snowy landscape and highly detailed shiny industrial machines and precise architectural structures of extraterrestrial archaeologists contrast the soft round formal language of excavated human-made furniture showing our deepest true human nature. Our soft nature against our machine minds. Mechanical, systemized and robotic shapes against playful, intuitive organic forms. Taking clues from sci-fi movies like Spielberg’s “AI” and Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”, and stories such as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s “Le petit Prince” the designers feel that we are trapped in our ambition, our love of- and our pursuit of desirable things. But these same desires, ambitions and especially love of things might likely be our strength in combating the imminent threats to our habitable world.
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