Building Certifications

Steirereck am Pogusch - PPAG architects | Image credit: Hertha Hurnaus

The project is a part of the "City of the Future" research program of the Austrian Ministry for Climate Protection and Technology.

Bend Science Station - Hennebery Eddy Architects | Image © Alan Brandt

Set to generate around 15% more energy than it consumes, the 3750ft² building has implemented several active and passive design strategies.

Buitenverblijf Nest -i29 Architects, NAMO Architecture | Image © Jeroen Musch

Within a unique initiative, 11 whimsical structures have been developed in the woods over the past year, crafted to serve as holiday retreats.

Toilet 001 - R + D Studio | Image © Suryan/ Dang

Each module is made up of silica composite flat planks, concrete, mild steel, silica composite Lego bricks, and smaller quantities of HDHMR board, PVC pipes, and recycled marble chips.

Tiny Grocer Hyde Park - Side Angle Side | Image © Likeness Studio

The one year renovation led by Side Angle Side transforms post office building into specialty market, bar and cafe, with the outdoor dining.

Under the greenhouse terrace | Design and Image © Nicole Cao

Nicole Cao's proposal redefines collective living with a greenhouse atrium, encouraging resident engagement and adaptable spaces.

Komera Leadership Center - BE_Design | Image © Bruce Engel via v2com

The Center also provides mentorship programs for young women, and a place for family development initiatives and community gatherings.

Chao Phraya Sky Park - Kotchakorn Voraakhom | Image © LANDPROCESS (via v2com)

Exploring beyond restoration through architecture

Inverted Architecture - Studio Link-Arc | Image © Yu Bai

Urban Cosmologies: Mycelium Installation Blurs Boundaries, Shapes Sustainable Architecture at 2022 Shenzhen Biennale

Floating Bamboo House - H&P Architects | Image © Le Minh Hoang

Innovative floating bamboo houses for Vietnamese river communities, resilient in adverse weather, adaptable, and eco-friendly.

Roccia | Design and image © Carlo Ratti Associati

CRA revitalizes Italian monastery with 3D tech, preserving nature, offering innovative historical building renovation.

Hidden House- Kerimov Architects | Image © Denis Chegodaev

The 800 square meter residence features innovative elements like concealed pools, sun-powered energy, and rainwater collection.

Weston Residence - Specht Novak | Image © Jasper Lazor

The Weston Residence features multiple green roofs planted with year-round, region-specific succulents providing sustainable advantages.

Pure Power - Design and Image © Hong-En, Lin

The Pure Power/Daily Combat Strategy for Water Collection in Africa, where water resources are often polluted, and difficult to obtain.

Bamboo playground in the French School of Yangon - Blue Temple | Image © Nyan Zay Htet

A project started by Blue Temple in 2019, Housing NOW explores cost-effective vernacular construction typologies using bamboo.

Geomdan Museum Library Cultural Complex - SOUR + Seoinn Design Group | Image © SOUR

The design criteria and form-making of the futuristic proposal was driven by energy endurance and climate resiliency.

The Memorial Gate stands as a poignant tribute to the rich heritage of India's northeastern states and provides a platform for artisans.

Nueva School - Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects | Image © Bruce Damonte

The net zero carbon design of the Nueva School also incorporates strategies to conserve water, preserve habitat and contribute to restoration.

Franciscan Fraternity of Bethany - Mixtura | Image © Cesare Querci

The Franciscan Fraternity of Bethany includes large spaces for prayer, hospitality, and meeting with the local community.

Shefford House - Atelier BOOM-TOWN | Image © Raphaël Thibodeau via v2com

The Shefford house is designed to be a 'Workshop House', a meeting place between domestic, work, and creative spaces.

Daera and Cancelled Plans created this collection drawing inspiration from the pulse of local streets and tranquil water bodies.

Off-Grid Guest House - ANACAPA Architecture | Image © Erin Feinblatt

The residence is fully powered by a photovoltaic energy system, and includes a private well and water treatment system among other strategies

Wooden House by the Lake - Appels Architekten | Image © Florian Holzherr via v2com

This family home expresses its inner life, its context of seasons, light, and surroundings in a simple architectural figure.

National Teachers Colleges - DASUDA & BKVV Architects | Image © Eppo Karsijns - Red Pixl Media

The design uses locally available materials, such as bamboo and earth bricks, promoting community participation.

The Marquee Straw Collection | Design and Image © Quba Homes

India based Quba Homes uses discarded marquee straw sourced from local farmers to create their new furniture and lifestyle collection.

Airavat House - Lyth Design, Red Architects | Image © Fabien Charuau

Founder and principal designer of Lyth Design, Apoorva Shroff discusses in depth about the challenges and strategies of landscape integrated design.

Pingtan Book House - Condition_Lab | Image © Zhao Sai via v2com

The Pingtan Book House was designed to inspire children, while allowing them to appreciate their precious culture via direct engagement.

Leach Botanical Garden | Design and Image © Land Morphology

The design features a 400-foot-long aerial tree walk through a native forest, while also capturing ecological and cultural values.

Wonderforest Nature Preschool - Palette Architecture | Image © Pavel Bendov / @archexplorer

Palette Architecture infuses abstracted nature into Wonderforest Preschool, providing outdoor forest education for children aged 2 to 4 years old.

ZOZO Headquarters - Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP, Takenaka Corporation | Image © ZOZO

Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP and Takenaka Corporation designs a regionally integrated office in Japan Inspired by Woven Fabrics.

Terre à Terre | Design and Image © GRAHA

The design proposal using eco-friendly materials and passive strategies won the special honorable mention in the Earth School Competition.

Red plaster, which is found in cut-outs, in the inner courtyard and in passageways, acts as a striking counterpoint to the bright ceramic façade. Skilfully created roads open up and link the individual zones of the expansive area- Ilot Queyries - MVRDV | Image © OssipArchitectuurfotogr, Rotterdam

The residential complex, Ilot Queyries is designed future-proof on an area of 35-hectare while being linked to its history.

Southeast view from Forrest Avenue: At 611 Cowper, the top-floor flat floats over roof gardens and three levels of commercial space. Below, terra cotta cladding and sunscreens recall clay tile roofs found throughout Palo Alto-611 Cowper Street - Hayes Group Architects | Image © Patrik Argast

611 Cowper is a 35,000 square foot, four-story, contextually responsive mixed use structure in Palo Alto, United States.

SuperHub Meerstad - De Zwarte Hond | Image © Ronald Tilleman

Netherlands based architecture firm designs a modern marketplace while embracing sustainability.

SOPREMA Plant Sets - Lemay | Image © David Boyer

SOPREMA’s Woodstock plant achieved a global standard of green building with a LEED v4 certification.

“Naqsh” Spice and Herbs Cellar is reminiscent of Hegra’s rock cuttings | Image and design © Studio Niko Kapa (via v2com)

Studio Niko Kapa has won Alula Award for Socially Responsible Design Inspired by UNESCO Cultural Heritage for the collection inspired by region’s natural and cultural legacies.

Chao Phraya Sky Park - Kotchakorn Voraakhom | Image © LANDPROCESS (via v2com)

Left abandoned for almost 40 years, the bridge is now accessible for pedestrians and provides a green space in the dense urban fabric.

Ledding Library- Hacker Architects | Image © Jeremy Bittermann

The design of the library enhances the experience of the surrounding landscape and is a model of sustainable and environmentally restorative design.

Greenhouse Silent Disco - Polish Pavilion -Miastopracownia, Magdalena Heliasz, Nicola Cholewa | Image © Paolo Riolzi

This immersive installation invites us to take our cues from the intelligence of plants as we move towards ecological well-being.

The Orange County Museum of Art designed by Morphosis Architects | Image © Mike Kelley

The Orange County Museum Of Art features flexible exhibitions galleries, dedicated spaces for educational programming, and areas for public gathering, within a high-performance facade of white terracotta tiles.

Eden House | Design and Image © WindsorPatania Architects

Giovanni Patania is the Lead Architect and Co-Founder at WindsorPatania Architects, who has marked their presence in the industry with projects like Eden House and Norfolk House.

The project involves the extension of an existing house built in the 1920s, with rainscreen wall, cool roof, heat recovery ventilation and dense pack cellulose insulation.

DE Bodrum Museum | Design and Image © Aytac Architects(via v2com)

Aytac Architects to Break Ground on Award-Winning Museum Design, 'Blue Vibrations', located in the city of Bodrum, Turkey.

VELLO ultralight electric folding bike - unfolded | Design and Image © Vello Bike (via v2com)

Austria-based Vello Bike Designs the first folding electric bike under 10 kg. The bike presentation took place at Pro-Days Paris 2022.

Arched Residencies | Design and Image © Iraisynn Attinom via v2com

Built On The Santorini Island, The Arched Residencies Is An Excellent Blend Of Good Design and Sustainability Choices.

Design and Image © Naturedesign via v2com

Nature Design explores the expressive potential of centuries-old reclaimed wood and traditional crafts, resulting in unique works of design.

MCM Home - Specht Architects | Image © Dror Baldinger

The MCM home in Pelham Manor is the only mid-century home in the area, and had been by designed by Harold and Judith Edelman, in 1961.

Tamashī Jiwa - Alexis Dornier | Image © Pete Kamynin

Tamashī Jiwa, (meaning the souls of space) is a collection challenging conventional paper lamps while exploring the traditional craftmanship.

Serena Williams Building - Skylab Architecture | Image © Jeremy Bittermann

The Building—a workplace for 2,750 occupants at more than 1 million square feet has been designed using energy efficient systems.

Kingsbury Commons - Ten Eyck Landscape Architects, Clayton Korte, and Mell Lawrence Architects | Image © Casey Dunn

With a focus on its built elements, the plan included an inventory and analysis, and a developed set of conceptual alternatives.

Ørestad Church - Henning Larsen | Render © Vivid Vision

The residence is designed taking advantage of a north-south cross-slope with views out to the hillside, its reflected light lending a warm quality to these more intimate spaces.

PriestmanGoode and Royal College of Art Exhibition | Image © PriestmanGoode

PriestmanGoode challenged the students of Royal College of Art to create new materials that are better for our health and better for the planet.

Looop - Waveee | Image © Rubymaky

Looop Can is Cheuk Laam's final year product design project that came across from September 2020 to March 2021 in Central Saint Martins.

Buck Mountain Cabin - Heliotrope | Image © Sean Airhart

The residence is designed taking advantage of a north-south cross-slope with views out to the hillside, its reflected light lending a warm quality to these more intimate spaces.

CapitaSpring - CRA + BIG | Image © Finbarr Fallon

Currently among the city’s tallest towers, CapitaSpring is a 280-meter-tall high-rise that continues the city’s pioneering vertical urbanism.

Design and Image © PriestmanGoode

The design uses a minimalistic approach, with components cut from a single sheet of waste material, held together by rope.

Gardenrobe - PinUp Houses | Image © Lev Seidl

Made up of wooden beams and waterproof construction plywood, this unique building is basically an outdoor garderobe.

Raghava Rao Bellamkonda from NSR Ventures talks about the NSR initiative, discussing the concept, the challenges and how it became a home for many.

Manifesta Green Corridor - CRA | Image © Ivan Erofeev

CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati joins Manifesta 14, to unveil the Urban Program and Urban Vision for the city of Prishtina, Kosovo.

House Zero - ICON | Image © Casey Dunn

'House Zero', the first of the new genre of homes that are specifically designed to utillize opportunities created by 3D printing.

The Planar House - Studio Mk27 Image © Fernando Guerra

The Planar House designed to merge with its topography, has obtained Gold Certification according to the guidelines by the GBC.

Mehra Residence - team3 | Image © Noughts and Crosses

The Mehra residence establishes a strong relationship to its surrounding landscape, bringing in nature and a sense of tranquility.

Mirai House of Arches - Sanjay Puri Architects | Image © Mr. Dinesh Mehta

Mirai House of Arches, a residence for a family of three generations, creates energy-efficient spaces in the desert climate of Rajasthan, India.

South-East Elevation, facade shutters open- Wave One- FAAB Architektura | Image © FAAB, Photographer: Maciej Lulko

Wave One is the first building within the European Center for Families (ECR), designed using passive solutions.

Baie-de-Valois Nautical Centre- ADHOC Architectes & Prisme Architecture | Image © Raphaël Thibodeau

The proposal revolves aroung reclaiming the shores of Montreal Island with a new sustainable community pavilion.

Home Building at Thaden School-EskewDumezRipple | Image © Tim Hursley

The design establishes an innovative vision for the future while reflecting the rich, pastoral heritage of the surrounding landscape.

Camp de Touage Service Center-Blouin Tardif Architectes,Éric Painchaud Architecte | Image © Stephane Groleau photography via v2com

The center adapts to its topography, while preserving the vegetal cover in the area, and has also adopted passive ventilation and heating strategies.

Selva Alegre-Leppanen Anker Arquitectura | Image © BICUBIK

Selva Alegre residence draws inspiration from the surrounding Andes Mountains, while using wood, stone and clay with a modern take.

Cuckoo House - Tropical Space | Image © Oki Hiroyuki (via v2com)

'Cuckoo House', located in an urban renewal zone by a river, has functional areas both inside and outside, intertwining with each other.

Lakeside at Black Butte Ranch -Hacker Architects | Image © Jeremy Bittermann

The design aims to evolve the legacy of Pacific Northwest regional modernism at the Ranch, while intensifying the connection to the landscape.

PoroCity - Stefan Al Architects, Matt Casaverde, Adrian Emanuel | Image by Spectrum Visualization

"PoroCity,' a project for the 2021 Venice Biennale, features apartments with work-from-home interiors, cross ventilation, and green spaces.

Aire de Repos-Atelier Craft | Image © Victoria Tanto

Atelier Craft's 'Aire de Repos' project uses bioclimatic principles, and prefabricated structure to create an activity space for migrants.

TIDAL installation utilizes key data points from the NOAA to spark an open conversation around the impact of sea level rise.

Garden View - Gut Wagram - Destilat Design Studio | Image © Monika Nguyen

The estate is part of a 4,000m² ensemble that includes business premises, the residential building, and the bathhouse.

Located in Boulevard Pasteur, in Paris,Villa M is a mixed-use complex aiming to create a new pact between cities, nature, and health.

Design and Image © Álvaro Sánchez de Miguel Arquitectos

El Refugio seeks simpler, more realistic alternatives to living in mortgage-laden micro-spaces in a big metropolis.

Larkin Street Substation Expansion - TEF Design | Image © Mikiko-Kikuyama

The Larkin Street Substation Expansion is a steel framed concrete structure and a modern addition to the existing 1962 substation building.

Texas Hill Country Wine Cave - Clayton Korte| Image © Casey Dunn

This private wine cave includes a tasting lounge, bar, wine cellar, and restroom are all tucked into an 18’ tall x 70’ deep existing tunnel.

The Edwin M. Lee Apartments | Image © Bruce Damonte

The Edwin M. Lee Apartments is the first building in San Francisco to combine supportive housing for both unhoused veterans and low-income families.

Mill Valley Cabins - Feldman Architecture | Image © Joe Fletcher

Mill Valley Cabins in California has been built on steeply sloping site, with inspirational views within a woods of pines and redwoods.

The Greenary - Carlo Ratti Associati , Italo Rota | Image © Delfino Sisto Legnani and Alessandro Saletta

Greenary, a traditional Italian farmhouse was redesigned to showcase new approaches to blur the boundaries between the natural and artificial.

Brome Lake House - MUUK Architecture | Image © Nanne Springer (via v2com)

Built on terrain that slopes gently towards the lake, the clean and sober lines of the Brome Lake House highlights the surrounding nature.

Gale Residence - Gibert&Tan | Image © Pixelaw Photography

The house located in a hilly suburb of Kuala Lumpur and built in 1970s has been remodelled to open up to its context while maitaining privacy.

Prague Chairs | Image © Lara Champagne — Jodoin Lamarre Pratte architectes

Récup + Reval is a project to restore two sets of chairs that were left unused after the expansion and refurbishing of Jodoin Lamarre Pratte architectes.

Casa 22 - Guillem Carrera | Image © Adrià Goula

Designed by Guillem Carrera, the energy efficient residence utlizes several unique strategies that blends the house with its context.

winery brewery industrial design architecture whiskey processing facility

The Woodinville Whiskey Processing and Barrel-Aging Facility has been designed taking inspiration from agricultural and industrial warehouses in the region.

The WoodHood Hood Park-WoodHood Kreuzfeld-Design and Image © ADEPT, Karres en Brands

The proposal by ADEPT + Karres en Brands pays tribute to Ebenezer Howard’s well-known plan, and is a vision for a new typology of urbanism.

Casa PR - Guillem Carrera | Image © José Hevia

Casa PR utilizes passive solar architecture solutions, rainwater collection tanks, and air conditioning system using aerothermal technology.

Beijing Sub-Center Library - Snøhetta | Image © Plomp

Set to be China’s first self-supporting glass facade project on completion, the new Beijing sub-centre library is designed to meet the highest standards of sustainability.

Braunstein Taphouse - ADEPT | Image © Rasmus Hjortshøj - Coast Studio

Built using simple tectonic principles, and sustainable materials, the taphouse is also partly self-sufficient with the use of solar panels.

Image © Notpla

The team of designers, chemists, engineers, and entrepreneurs create packaging solutions from natural materials as an alternative to single-use plastic.

Scenario Shore - CeCuCo - Centre for Culture and Community | Design and Image © noa*

Centre for Culture and Community (CeCuCo), Is A Multifunctional Space Designed As A Versatile, Sustainable Model With Infinite Possibilities

The Paper House from street level. . | Image © AART via v2com

With its paper-like architecture, Papirhuset not only pays homage to the papermaking history of the area, but also invokes a sense of community.

SOS Children's Villages - Roosevelt Square -JGMA | Image © Tom Rossiter (via v2com)

This center is an 11,000 square foot space that serves the children and families at Roosevelt Square Village and surrounding communities.

Forest Path - Batlleiroig | Image © Jordi Surroca (via v2com)

Batlleiroig Designs 'Forest Path', An Innovative Landscape Intervention For A New Ephemeral Burial Model Based On Nature.

Two adjacent contemporary houses in a Victorian Toronto neighbourhood. Robert Street Residence II (left, completed in 2021); Robert Street Residence I (right, completed in 2011) | Image © Tom Arban Photography Inc. (via v2com)

The Robert Street Residences subtly respond to the local vernacular and includes features to improve energy efficiency.

The team took inspiration from the surrounding landscape, cutting a shelf into the gentle hillside to make the home feel one with nature | Image © Joe Fletcher Photography (via v2com)

Mal Paso Residence in Big Sur is a sustainable home with views of the Pacific Ocean, designed taking cues from the surrounding landscape.

Les Habitations Saint-Michel Nord -Saia Barbarese Topouzanov Architectes | Image © James Brittain

Architectural firm Saia Barbarese Topouzanov revitalizes the 185-unit social housing complex built in the early 1970s.

The Journey of Senses- Metaform Architects | Image © Steve Troes Fotodesign (via v2com)

The pavilion has been designed drawing inspiration from the Möbius strip, symbolizing infinity, circular economy and diversity united as one.

The composition of the volumes expresses the wish of uniformity of the two institutes| Image © Epaillard Machado

Intended to stimulate innovation, the mobility and industry of tomorrow, the institutes meet the highest standards of international science parks.

Casa BV-Roel Sánchez Arquitectura | Image © Adrià Goula

Casa BV gets a makeover by Roel Sánchez Arquitectura, adding renewable energy systems and climatic considerations.

Otto armchair, oak & black finish | Design and Image © Hayche

Otto armchair by Hayche, is a playful and sophisticated piece blending simplicity and functionality.

117 Canal House | Image © Ewout Huibers

Amsterdam-based studio i29 redesigns 117 Canal House collaborating with specialists, to give new life to the building constructed in 1675.

Alton Wines- GO'C Architecture & Design | Image ©Kevin Scott

The winery blends into its natural context, connecting its landscape and outdoor spaces while providing ample shading.

Green roofs have been quite popular for a long time, but how sustainable are these, and what are the drawbacks?

India Pavilion -Expo 2020 Dubai | Design and Image © CP Kukreja Architects

Designed by CP Kukreja Architects, the Indian Pavilion celebrates India with a facade of 600 individual blocks using kinetic architecture.

View looking from the canopy walk-The Forest Pavilion | Image © Mr. Rungkit Charoenwat via v2com

The Forest Pavilion is an Ecosystem Learning center at Bangkok’s new multi-generational, health-centred, sustainable quarter, The Forestias.

Reeds - Design and Image © VOLNA

With unique aerodynamic design and 3d-printing technology, Reeds create an effect of flickering light reacting to air currents.

Traces-KANVA | Image © Gerry O’Leary via v2com

TRACES installation at Expo 2020 Dubai, challenges visitors and raises awareness about the growing threat to ecosystems caused by climate change.

Ra- Marjan van Aubel Studio | Image © Pim Top

Inspired by the ancient Egyptian sun god, 'Ra' has been designed using third-generation solar technology printed on thin foils.

The New Carillon d'Angélus Cellar - Eric Castagnotto | Image © Studio Deepix via v2com

The New Carillon d'Angélus Cellar is a BREEAM certified winery in France designed considering both technical and environmental aspects.

LAAB Architects with PLandscape and Speirs Major design biodiversity museum in the middle of Nature Discovery Park, Hong Kong.

Image © Sunkai LIU via v2com

The pavilion's concstruction focuses on joint participation, ecological construction, sustainable operation, and teaching within research.

The warehouses have been combined, integrated, and reworked into a shifting mix of exterior and interior environments.

South City Residence- AKDA | Image © Abhay Khatri

India-based, Amit Khanna Design Associates' residential project combines aspects of modern architecture with the raw beauty of local materials.

Visualisation circular urban plan for Tehdassaari | Image © Space & Matter

Netherlands-based Space&Matter, widely known for their Schoonschip project discusses the various aspects of building a community sustainably.

Housing - Fragmented Imagery | Design and Image © Malavika Madhuraj

The proposal includes spaces like vocational centre, school, and healthcare facilities, to enhance the economy of the Rohingya community.

Dior Installation - WASP | Image © Mohamed Somji

WASP designs a unique installation for Dior on Jumeirah beach, with two circular modules, made using clay, sand, and raw fibers.

Zen Tea House - Pin-Up Houses | Image © Andrew

76-year-old psychologist, with no prior experience in construction, builds Japanese Tea House by Pin-Up Houses.

Singapore Pavilion -WOHA | Image © Singapore Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai

With the theme, ‘Nature, Nurture, Future', WOHA has created an oasis of vibrant flora, while representing the importance of sustainability.

Simone de Beauvoir School – Bond Society + Daudré-Vignier & Associés | Image © Charly Broyez (via v2com)

The 'Wooden school' has been designed based on three principlal notions: spatial quality, functionality, and sustainable demand.

House Under Shadows - Zero Energy Design Lab | Image © Andre J Fanthome

This double-family residence in India enables sustainable living through strategies like heat sinks, roof canopy, and more.

Ulaman Eco Retreat Resort-Inspiral Architects | Image © Mati Allendes

Rammed earth and other materials found near site are used for the fully carbon-zero Ulaman Resort project in Bali.

14 cabins dot the hill - Breitenbach Landscape Hotel - Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter | Image © Florent Michel @11h45 via v2com

Breitenbach is a unique hamlet, located between Vosges and Alsace, with a very dynamic community and strongly politically committed to an eco-responsible approach.

Image © Leap™

The material has a 100% plastic and petrochemical-free apple waste blend, and a protective finishing coating making Leap deconstructable.

Outdoor Theater -Yangliping Performing Arts Center | Image © Jin Weiqi

Studio Zhu-Pei designs perfroming arts center in Dali, China, inspired by the powerful surrounding landscape.

Overall Street View- Tagh Behesht -RVAD Studio | Image © Hassan Dehghanpour via v2com

RVAD studio designs vertical garden of commercial and office spaces, with suspended courtyards, arches and vaults.

The online exhibition showcased the work of 11 Textiles students who created new materials from single-use plastics.

View to open vaults | Image © schranimage

Located in the center of the historical area, the site of the Museum is adjacent to the Imperial Kiln ruins in Jingdezhen, China.

GrowHouse - Powered by Ulsteinvik - Kaleidoscope Nordic | Image © KVANT-1 (via v2com)

Kaleidoscope Nordic proposes future-oriented strategy for a small town on the Norwegian west coast.

D525 - sanzpont [arquitectura] | Image © David Cardelús (courtesy of Naturgy) via v2com

sanzpont arquitectura redesigns D525 Barcelona, reducing its environmental impact and increasing its energy-efficiency.

Located in Guilin, Guangxi, a famous scenic tourist city, the hotel has been designed to keep it as close to nature as possible.

Saltbox Passive House -L’Abri | Image © Raphaël Thibodeau via v2com

The residence designed for a family of four has achieved LEED Platinum and is the third house to obtain passive house certification in Quebec.

Designer Marjan van Aubel | Image © Marjan van Aubel studio

Known for her work in sustainable design, the designer shares her thoughts on challenges in the field, the impact of the pandemic, and more.

Global Flora Conservatory | Design and Image © Kennedy & Violich Architecture (Image via v2com)

The Global Flora Conservatory introduces a synergistic set of Wet and Dry biomes that are heated and cooled using renewable resources.

Marguerite d'Youville School- Design and Image © APPAREIL Architecture, Étienne Bernier Architecture, BGLA Architecture

The proposal by APPAREIL Architecture, Étienne Bernier Architecture and BGLA Architecture transposes the idea of a conventional school onto a livable scale.