Boutures: Circular Design Products

From cushions to lamps to vases, Boutures, a publishing house in France develops objects, made from innovative materials from circular economy.

Boutures French publication house interior design

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Boutures is a publishing house that develops objects, textiles, and lighting made in France from surprising and innovative materials born from the circular economy. A contemporary, singular and eco-responsible collection. Their collection ranges from  lamps to cushions to vases, all made with priority to environment. 


Behind the singular corolla shape of Scalaé, hides in reality a table lamp. Scalaé appears as an invitation to the performance of a light that wakes up then disappears to sculpt the steps of this pocket-sized amphitheater. This lamp is available in finishes with new aspects: brick, foundry sand and even oyster shell! 

Size: Ø27cm – h15.4cm

Weight: 2.5kg

Lamp designed for indoor use. Equipped with a dimmer E14 socket | 220-240V Bulb supplied: 4W warm white LED Black textile cable


VOLUBILIS wall lamp

The volubilis luminaire takes the shape of a wheel, an echo of pierces part of the disc, which is rotated on its axis to examine it as one would observe a mineral. Its spectrum reveals the infinite meanders of a material generated by the fusion of plastic residues! 

Size: Ø32.5cm – thickness 1.2cm

Lamp designed for indoor use, to be fixed to the wall and to be plugged in. E14 socket | 220-240V

Supplied LED bulb 5W – white light

Textile cable



Double vase VASÉAS and single vase VASÉO

Like a finely chiseled block, the set of two Vaséas vases welcomes floral arrangements from the lightest to the most generous. The stems of flowers and foliage can curl up in the multiple grooves of this two in one vase. The two vases are separable. The central vase is offered alone under the Vaséo reference. 


Designed in Wastérial, composed of at least 75% recycled material: oyster shells, blue tinted window glass, windshield. 

HERBAÉ cushion

The Herbaé fabric is the result of the meeting of design digital and traditional jacquard weaving. The pattern was chosen from an infinity of graphic combinations generated by coding computer science. By crossing colored threads, the jacquard allows the decor and the materials to become one. On the back, the decoration appears in negative, the Herbaé covers have been designed to play with the 2 sides of the fabric. 

Cover composition: 67% recycled cotton (rewoven fabric scraps)

18% polyester 11% recycled polyester (from PET bottles) 4% other recycled fiber.

Cushion composition: polycotton, duvet fall filling.



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