BIGA is a fashion brand, for those who appreciate environment-conscious design. Founded by Ania and Aiala Lucero, two Alava women from Victoria-Gastiez , with over a decade of involvement in the fashion industry. The duo’s interest in designing garments and establishing a necessary change in the fashion industry, that takes a lot of the world’s criticism for its unsustainable practices led to this project in 2018.

The collection blends timeless elegance of classic designs with the latest technology to produce premium quality fabrics, that offer nano-technological features such as anti-bacterial (anti-odor, anti-stain and wrinkle resistance, with the purpose of making long living garments that are easy to care.  By reducing time for washing and ironing, they save time and effort, also helping to extend the life of our garments while diminishing the consumption of water and electricity. The garments have high durability, thus reducing the environmental and social impact caused by the overproduction and over-consumption.

BIGA has chosen the slow-fashion path, developing a fair production program and responsible consumption. Their raw materials are sourced from neighboring European countries and are tailored by local dressmakers and tailors.