01 OCTOBER 2020

Art Series By Quatre Caps On False Pretenses In The Food Industry

Valencia-based Graphics Studio, Quatre caps tries to bring awareness on the 'green-washing' in the food industry through their art series.

Degrowth art series

All images © QuatreCaps

Sustainable living and opting for eco-friendly products have definitely (and thankfully) become more important to most of us. While a large percentage of products are either completely sustainable, or sustainable only when used in the way the manufacturer recommends, there is still an alarming range of products in the market, that hide well under the ‘eco-friendly’ label, even thought it isn’t. ‘Green-washing’ is a process of falsely claiming a product to be sustainable, eco-friendly, or similar, with labels, marketing ideas or any other method. This method is simply intended to get more buyers for the products, while the average buyer usually does fall prey to these. 

Degrowth art series

Valencia-based graphics studio, Quatre Caps try to get more people aware of this situation, with their new art series, #degrowth. They portray the kind of practices in the food industry, that claim the product to be something which it isn’t. The studio focuses on making people understand that quite often, the packaging is only to catch one’s eye, and not to reflect the idea of what’s actually inside. Being aware of this situation, and choosing the right brands, or buying from a trusted local store might just be the best way to stay away from false promises of the eco-labeled goods.

They’ve also done another impressive art series ‘Not Life Any Longer, again aiming to portray the issues regarding packaging in the food industry.